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should be doing assignment~

but just watched koichi's Best Performance and Music concert DVD lol x.x wish they released the whole dvd though~ and MCs too, I love MCs~~

firstly, i just realised what that circle symbol is =.= I never really paid attention to it before and just thought it was a symbol for his previous concert(mirror was it?) lol well i DID wonder why it was on the CD cover for BPM but just ignored it xD So i thought about it near the end of watching BPM and realised, could it be?! could it be his name, KD? lol im slow...

anyway, Koichi did a GREAT job with this concert <3 it's a really excellent concert! the lighting played a large factor in the concert i think and it's really amazing =D love it!
-ah i like that earring thing he had on~ i wonder if he has worn earrings or anything of the sort before.. i dont have any impress on him and earrings xD
- Ayakashi - love the custome for Ayakashi~ lovely colour, and traditional japanese-ish
- deep in your heart - i like how they moved into this song so naturally~
- awaken yourself - i am liking the choreography lol~ the bit with Koichi choosing people and them getting to sing was interesting hehe~ i was wondering what was happening lol and that lady appearing. look at all the winking machida does xD
- falling - i like those balls of light thing~ interesting~
- peaceful world - i liked how there was only Koichi at the beginning somehow~. the only thing i noticed after he finishes singing is that australia was smack in the middle of the screen and no clouds covering it xD
- hmm the 1st day accident part - lol Koichi mini conto xD
- my wish - this was so funny hahahaa!! i kinda feel sorry for the fans there xD Koichi so problematic, not satisfied with the call/cheer and wanting something more atsui and otokorashii xD if im hearing right, was it ko-kun or ko-chan? --> koichi --> yahoi or whatever --> ko-chan/kun? --> TSUYOSHI!!! HAHAHAHA!! xD oh tsuyoshi call is great haha whose concert is this? hahaha  <3 and koichi calling for yonehana~ lol. ... and them staying with the tsuyoshi call throughout the song is the most amusing LOL~
- boku wo omou - young photos! =D i've never seen johnnys jr audition photo before =o it was photo used on his johnnys jr application lol
- no more - maizu tsukasa comes to visit!... with his fishy friends hehee~ or is it the fish prince with his fellow fish followers? xD that... kinda choo choo train like thing, i liked seeing all the fishes going down one at a time lol
- virtual reality - cant say the purple clothes are that appealing though they're not that bad..
- ai no kurosu - just realised the thing was flying xD what was i looking at before lol
- tsukiyo no monogatari - is that fire real...?
- kagen no tsuki - Koichi has quite good english pronunciation, not that i didn't think that before but i never really focused on them, except in missing
- spica - lovely ending to the concert ^^ feathers~
- ayakashi encore - hmmm what is he laughing at before getting on the cart...? love it when all the fans sing =D

- solitary - good song and performance! wonder if that girl dancing with him is the main girl in shock? seems like it...? havent been following shock lately ><' hmm wonder if this scene replaced the spanish scene before, or is it added in somewhere or something o.O? uchi's character being missing is made really obvious with this though.

- lastly, cant forget one thing!! PAN!!! Pan-chan in Koichi's bag was cute! <3 she seems like such a good girl~! Koichi seems to loveloveloveloveeeeee Pan-chan ALOT~ they're so cuteeeeee~~~ he's sooo affectionate with her~~ <3 kinda makes me think he needs a real lover he can love like that though lol~
Pan-chan following Koichi on stage was so cute! ohhh i love seeing Koichi and Pan-chan together~~!



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